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Winery Partners

Jordan Oaks Vineyard is proud to partner with the best wine makers in Calaveras County. 


Vina Moda

Talented winemaker, Nathan Vader, creates amazing wines across his portfolio at Vina Moda. We are proud to partner with Nathan with our Petite Sirah, silver medal winner in 2018 and 2019.


Newsome Harlow

Newsome Harlow winemaker, Scott Klann, knows his stuff. Scott is a staple of the Calaveras County wine community and we are proud to partner with him with our Sauvignon Blanc. To quote the winemaker himself, "Call it Murphys' water, Calaveras Crack, the best damned white wine around... the Newsome Harlow Sauvignon Blanc is appropriate any month of the year!" We couldn't agree more! 

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