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Sustainable Wine Grapes

As a family-owned vineyard, Jordan Oaks is committed to regenerative and sustainable agriculture. We take a holistic approach to protect the environment, conserve our natural resources and enrich the quality of our wine grapes. Here are just a few of the sustainable practices we are proud of. 

Water Quality & Efficiency 

Water is the life blood of our vineyard and take care to protect our water quality and use it efficiently. With our drip irrigation system we can target exactly where and how much water to apply to give the vines just enough water to produce superior fruit.


Cover Crops

We plant cover crops between the rows of vines. We love them because their flowers are beautiful but they do much more for us than meets the eye. Cover crops provide habitat for insects, add nutrients to the soil, enhance biodiversity and improve air and water quality. 


Pest Management 

By providing habitat for beneficial species of birds and insects we are able to control harmful rodents and pests while reducing our inputs and supporting our local wildlife. 

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